Linkage between North and South
It is found in the history that Ahichchatra is the original place of havyakas. In the backdrop of lineage of havyakas and study of sage-descent, food habit, ritualistic practice of north Indian brahmin we came to know that there is a lot of similarity between them. Both of them belong to the same tradition. According to the text "Jatibhaskar" it is not improper to have marriage relationship between the two groups. It was discovered that Brahmins migrated from their original north indian places like Bareli, Awanla and Ahichchatra to Karnataka for the sake of worship. It is a healthy move that the most venerable swamiji of Swarnavalli Shrimad Gangadharendra sarswati swamiji has accepted to design a plan to initiate wedding lock between the southern and northern Brahmin groups. We hope that the new plan would put an end to the present crisis of imbalances between male and female ratio. With the timely guidance and blessing of Swamiji we hope to materialize the noble goal.
Why this website?
Searching the appropriate village/city bride for a suitable village/city bridegroom is the most responsible venture of the present society. In this regard "Saptapadi" network will help people to know each other and come together in marriage. The network was launched to reconnect and perpetuate the eternal tradition of our culture. We hope people would join their hands to translate our dream into reality.
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