Tradition of Brahmin Marriage
Since the time immemorial the aura of brahminism has been illuminating with innate radiance through the revealed knowledge of the self and practice of refined inherent rituals. They designed their style of life within the frame of Dharma. In the civilized world Brahmins adapted thoughts of preceptors of three different schools of philosophy and scriptures composed by Manu as the base to lead a self controlled,decorous and good conduct of life.
For the attainment of four fundamental values(purusharthas) of life the vedic oriented eternal branches of the tree of Dharma have been narrated in the form of scholarly treatise, scriptures,mythologies by a group of great sages like Goutam, Shounak, Ashvalayan, Katyana, Vyasa, Gobhila, Paraskar, Boudhayan, Apasthabh, Manu, Yajnavalky, Parashara etc. At this level brahminism marched towards true prosperity in vedic study and teachings,ritualistic practice-offerings-charity-philonthrophy.
As the result of waking up to the ambitious aspiration to form the devine destiny with the integration of wordly racial relation,organization of the sense of equality,intimate love and affection and achieve purusharhas the hermitage system was accepted. The motif of the system is to facilitate the Brahmin lad attain eminence of knowledge by way of maintaining obstinence of celibacy,to become a graduate to continue lineage taking the role of householder. The Taittiriya veda also subscribes the same-"Acharyay priyam dhanmahrit prajatantu ma vyavachchetsi". Thus the good will of abundancy in progency laid the basis for the marriage. Marriage is not simply confined to satisfy a formal momentary lust but committed to noble cause to build prosperous nation by bestowing good subjects. "Panigrihansnskarat patitvam saptamepade"-as the saying affirms rituals related to marriage ceremony and saptapadi are the prayers of auspcious determination for good brood and cordiality.
Brahmins maintained excellence in the field of food, rituals, religious, practice, hospitality till today.They are universally known for their talent all over the world and across part of India and many more places. Vedic practice and priesthood are their breath and soul.They are able to sustain the great tradition through the performance of rituals, vedic studies and holy worship in temples. The intellectual effort with which they acquired knowledge and skill in the field of science, medicine, technology, judiciary and in all other contemporary vocations kept them at the peak. It is a matter of pride to mention that their contribution to social and political services as the commanding leaders at the state and national levels. Their talent is very well identified in the rich cultural tradition such as literature, music, folklore etc.
Brahmins with traditional joint family background are highly respected for their liberal attitude and hospitality. Virtous food system, celebration of festivals, chanting of Shankar stotra and the Bhagavdgita, recitation of traditional folk songs in religious ceremony by housewives, the act of elevating the Brahmin community to the noble state and affectionate relation are the everlasting sign of our culture. To promote social, religious, cultural development district-taluka based Brahmin organizations have played important role.
As a token of pious food, gentle personality of brahmin has become the main attraction in the society. Thus, men and women are always honoured for their pleasing language, dignified behavior, good heart and generous hospitality.
In recent days there has been an emerging trend of inequality between opposite genders in the social system. Destruction of female foetus, giving greater importance to cosmetics than tradition, disconnecting with an age old cultural custom are some examples for the misuse of science and indicators of disharmony of community. There is a need for serious thinking and commitment to avoid probable tragedy in the near future.
No one would come forward to give the bride in wedding knot to the rural bridegrooms and priests. Modern village girls are after the attraction of urban illusions. Urbanisation of female mind resulted in the degeneration of agriculture and deserted the village.The villages which are the cultural sources of Brahmin community are feared to be on the verge of extinction.
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